Company Profile:
Fimar Mermer Maden A.S. was founded by Mehmet Emmioğlu, İbrahim Emmioğlu and Ahmet Emmioğlu brothers in Sivas province of Turkey, in 1986. After the initial operations carried out at the workshop level, factory and quarry operations were gradually started up with significant investments made in subsequent years. Factory-scale manufacturing activities of the company were first started with the Sivas Fimar Marble facility, while the place of establishment of the first quarry operations was Amasya province. High quality and value of the marble extracted in the Amasya quarry has contributed to the fast growth of Fimar Yapi both in local and international markets. In line with the target to increase its market share, Fimar Yapi established the Fimar Marble Amasya factory as a first of its kind in Turkey. Comprehensive researches for new quarry sites around the country resulted in the exploration of the Diana Rose rock in Karaman province and the Cremera rock in Erdemli district of Mersin province, which have become important products for the Turkish and international markets.

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Established Date: 1986  Staff Count: 1-5  Export Specialist: Muammer SALİH